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60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

2 Feb

Avy Joseph, CCBH Co-founder and Course Director

60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

60 Seconds with Avy Joseph

What inspired you to become a therapist?
A desire to understand why we feel as we do and how we can change that, plus a genuine interest in people and a desire to help.
When did you first hear about REBT?
When I did my first course in counselling skills over two decades ago.  I saw a video called ‘Gloria’ about a patient who went to see different counsellors who each specialised in a different counselling model.  Ellis was one of them and I remember thinking ‘now that’s interesting’

Ellis or Beck and why?
Both are great thinkers.  For me it is Ellis most of the time.  He put forward a philosophical as well as scientific theory that resonated with me immediately.  It’s very persuasive.  It makes sense and clients understand it.  You can work with symptoms as well as learning a philosophy of healthy thinking.  It is empowering and freeing when you apply it.  It doesn’t shy away from facing the worst case scenario but it helps you deal with it in a balanced and healthy way.

Favourite Ellis (or other) quote?
I want what I want, but I don’t absolutely need it.

What element of the CBH philosophy most resonates with you?
That we create our problems by the way we continue to think and behave.  It’s not the past that causes the problem but whatever unhealthy beliefs we are maintaining and living by today.  I also enjoy the humour in it, it’s one of the most effective ways to help us to see the irrationality of our demands!
What inspires you?
Lots of things.  Seeing people achieve their goals through hard work and persistence, ideas, music, friends, students, clients, seeing something truly beautiful like the Grand Canyon. I could go on and on.  So much in life and on Earth to draw inspiration from.

If you weren’t a therapist, what would you be?
I’d be a Doctor.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?
Cooking, eating too much, watching rubbish TV.  Heaven.

New Year, New You

17 Jan

We hear that saying  a lot at this time of the year. As another year starts, it is often implied that we need to change the way we live our life. Now I would agree with this idea to an extent, but you don’t necessarily want to change the person that you are, it is more a case of getting back to the person you already are underneath. If you have been doing a January body detox, you have probably been going for a few weeks already, and are pretty sick of it, but what about a detox for the mind instead?

This is an idea that Avy Joseph, a member of staff at CCBH, explained in a recent article in the Metro. Detoxification is a natural way of ridding the body of unwanted, harmful chemicals. However, many believe modern lifestyles and even our thought processes could contribute to ill health. With a mind detox you can banish unhealthy and unproductive thoughts. It could help you get out of the mindset that you’re simply not good enough for that promotion, for example.

Avy Joseph uses CBT to uncover dysfunctional beliefs and ways of thinking – he calls this toxic thinking. Joseph claims a toxic thought can lead to anxiety and depression. Do you have a toxic way of thinking? We all do at some time or another. Avy explains, ‘If your thinking isn’t helpful to you or is unrealistic, doesn’t make sense or help you to move forward, then it’s toxic. Your way of thinking should help you to achieve your goals and not keep you in a state of misery.’

Joseph says we need to understand we are responsible for the way we feel and think.  Removing negative thoughts in a mind detox, and replacing them with negative ones, will help you look forward to the what 2011 has to offer. If you would like to know more about this, please do ask any questions in the comments box below.

And speaking of New Year, we should also let you know about the latest CCBH courses that are starting soon. Our new Foundation Course in Hypnosis, Counselling and Rapport is commencing on February the 19th. Please do contact us if you have any questions about it or just want to know more.